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This life is full of God’s abundant blessings, and it is my desire to empower, equip, and encourage others to live life, and live it more abundantly.  My mother taught me about Biblical hospitality at an early age, and she modeled this type of hospitality every single day. In a similar fashion, at my home you would be welcomed with Southern hospitality around a big harvest table, a homecooked meal, and a glass of sweet tea.

For now, make yourself at home and take a virtual stroll through the pages of this website and blog. 

Blessings, y’all!

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Enjoy the blessing...

... Without all the stressing! You and your family deserve to enjoy your day and have the peace of mind that everything will go just as you dreamed.  Leave the last-minute challenges to someone else who has the experience to find quick solutions.

Give mom a break on the bride's big day – it's equally important that they are both calm, collected and able to enjoy all the blessings of the occasion! 



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